Please read carefully before choosing to purchase a hedgehog from Prickle Pack Hedgehogs. You will be required to sign a printed version of these policies at the time of pickup.


Prickle Pack Hedgehogs guarantees your hedgehog is healthy and in good condition when you pick her up from us for 14 days.

We also guarantee for the lifetime of the hedgehog against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS). In the rare event that your hedgehog dies from WHS, a necropsy from a licensed veterinarian with exotics training must be performed (at your cost), and if results show that the hedgehog had WHS, we will provide you with another hedgehog within 60 days. We cannot guarantee color, age, gender, or temperament to match your previous hedgehog.

Cancer and tumors cannot be guaranteed against as many factors cause tumors.


We run Prickle Pack Hedgehogs out of our own personal home in Palatine Illinois. This means that while we are happy to have you come see our hedgies, you are not welcome to show up announced without an appointment.


We would love to show you a hedgehog in advance if you are serious about considering one as a pet so you know what they feel like and how they behave. This can be done at your house or at ours, please contact us and we will arrange a time and place to meet with you so you can "test" a hedgehog.


We will not sell a hedgehog where it is illegal to own one, regardless of enforcement status of the law.

You can join our wait list for a $50 deposit (which will go towards the $250 price of the hedgehog, leaving a $200 balance due on pickup.) We will post pictures of babies here and on Facebook when they are 4 weeks of age, and allow members of the wait list to pick their baby in the order their deposit was received. When it is your turn to select a baby, we will contact you and you will have 24 hours to do pick or "pass" to wait for a later litter and maintain your place in line. If you do not respond within 24 hours, we will move on to the next member of the wait list.


While we can not guarantee special requests (color, gender, parents, etc), we will try to be accommodating when possible - but we know you're going to love whatever baby you ultimately choose. 

We will arrange an appointment with you for your baby to go home around 7 weeks of age. If your hedgehog is not picked up by the time it is 10 weeks old, we have the right to release your chosen hedgehog to someone else on the waitlist and you will lose your deposit.

Yes - we can deliver your hedgehog (within reason) to the Greater Northwest Chicago area, including many parts of Chicago.


Hedgehogs aren't for everyone, and everyone isn't for hedgehogs. We want to make sure you and your prickly pal are both happy. If you do not want to keep your hedgehog, for any reason, at any time, we will take him back. However, we will refund you based on how long you had him.

  • One week or less: 75% refund of price of the hedgehog

  • Between 1 and 2 weeks: 50% refund of the price of the hedgehog

  • Between 2 and 4 weeks: 25% refund of the price of the hedgehog

We encourage you to reach out if you ever have any issues with your hedgehog at any time- whether or not he came from us. We may be able to locate a suitable home for him through adoption.


You will get a super cute hedgehog around 7-8 weeks of age who has been handled daily from around 2 weeks of age. You will get a care booklet to refer to and learn from. She will also come with a bag of starter food - if you choose to switch food, you will want to do it slowly so as not to upset baby's tummy. Pickups will also receive a small take-home container.


When you purchase a hedgehog from us, you do not have the right to breed it unless you have specifically received our permission to do so. We take care with our bloodlines to make sure that they are healthy, friendly, and good specimens of the breed. The only way to ensure that Prickle Pack Hedgehogs stands for quality is to control what comes from our hedgehogs.

That being said, we enjoy working with other breeders. To avoid inbreeding and ensure the quality of bloodlines, pedigree information will be provided to breeders upon request before and after purchase.


You agree to keep your hedgehog appropriately housed, fed, and socialized. This means: a clean cage with adequate space, a dark place to sleep/hide, a wheel to run on, a heat source, clean water, and the right amount of good food daily. In addition, you should expect to spend 30 minutes a day with your hedgehog in the evening holding them. You will also need to locate a local veterinarian who is trained in exotics in the case of an emergency (dog bite, broken leg, etc) or sickness. Failure to do these things can result in your hedgehog dying prematurely from obesity, hibernation, or disease. If you cannot care for your hedgehog adequately, please contact us so we can find him a new home who can.



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