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LONG EAR PRICING: $2000 female, $1500 male

DEPOSIT: $500 at the time of selection


Thank you for your interest in obtaining a long eared hedgehog! If you would like to join the waitlist, please fill out this form.

When we have babies available, we will contact waitlist members in list order to pick. A maximum of TWO long eared hedgehogs can be picked per person on the list. If you are looking to obtain a breeding pair, your spot on the list will be maintained until you have picked both animals. You may pass when it is your turn and you will not lose your place in line. Deposits will be due when you pick in order to hold your choice. Picking must be done within 24 hours of being contacted. All good-faith efforts to contact you will be made including e-mail, text messaging, and calling the contact information you provide in this form. If we do not hear from you when your name is up, we will skip you until we do hear from you.

Fine print: You cannot sell your place in line. All long eared hedgehog sales are subject to a contract including buyback rights by Prickle Pack Hedgehogs. Prickle Pack Hedgehogs reserves the right to refuse sales to any person for any reason. None of your contact information will be sold or used for marketing purposes.

Thank you! We will be in touch.

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