If we have available adults, they will be posted here. Pricing: any hedgehog without a listed price is free to a good home. We ask that you instead 'pay it forward' and make a charitable donation to an animal shelter or rescue organization. We're happy to tell you our favorites. 

Proper supplies will need to be procured before the hedgehog can go home. Adults come with a limited health guarantee.

To enquire about a retired adult hedgehog, please e-mail us at info@pricklepack.com.



DOB: 2/17/17

Fifi has been a pretty bad mother so she needs to find a home where she can be pampered and have no more babies. She is better for an experienced owner who has the time to resocialize her. She takes a few minutes to come out of her ball and then really doesn't like to be petted. She may come around with enough time and patience.


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