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If we have available adults, they will be posted here. Pricing: any hedgehog without a listed price is free to a good home. We ask that you instead 'pay it forward' and make a charitable donation to an animal shelter or rescue organization. We're happy to tell you our favorites. 

Proper supplies will need to be procured before the hedgehog can go home. Adults come with a limited health guarantee.

To enquire about a retired adult hedgehog, please e-mail us at


DOB: 4/08/2023


FEMALE - Jackson x Nutmeg

Star is a little shy, but young. She should be a good pet with a little love and time.


DOB: 6/03/2019


Pretty girl Elyse has a cute little overbite that always makes her look a little surprised. She is one of the oldest ladies up for adoption - but that doesn't make her less deserving of your love.


DOB: 1/04/2021


CariDee is a shy hedgehog who needs a patient person who will understand her mood and give her space. She may never be the cuddliest hedgehog on the planet, but she would love a quiet retirement home to live out the rest of her days.



We don't know much about Sheba - she was abandoned by her owner and is likely from a pet store. She is probably between 2 and 3 years old. She's shy and needs a calm, patient person to bring her out of her shell. She does LOVE smells and anointing - so whoever she charms needs to be ok with being nibbled on from time to time.



Poppy used to have a family who decided that a hedgehog wasn't for them anymore. She will need a little bit of time to get used to her new family but she is looking forward to meeting them!

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